About us

The world is full of ideas. However, few of them become projects. To achieve this, it takes commitment, effort, vision and an entrepreneurial hand. Due the correct combination of these elements, PB&A was founded in 1992 by Pablo Becerra Almeida in Quito, Ecuador. This company was created to provide solutions for industrial market players; PB & A leads the commercialization of supplies for the electric, petroleum, mechanical and technological sectors, among many others. Nowadays, PB&A works with dozens of companies in a national and international level, with the goal of continuing to build a better tomorrow in the industrial sector.

Somos gente que no se detiene.

For PB&A the industry is a constant-changing network. Therefore, our customers and suppliers are strategic allies in our quest to always be better. We reinvent ourselves every day, to stay in the forefront, and we are thrilled by the challenges and challenges of tomorrow. We are people who always walk forward , who fight and who believes that reaching more is always possible.


PB&A is a leading brand in industrial trade that is projected into the future, always looking to go further. Our goal is to provide solutions to our partners through the best offer of services and products of high quality. The satisfaction of the needs of our customers is our responsibility, as we contribute to the success of your projects. We are committed to our planet, people and the development of the industry; For this reason, we work day by day following our principles of ethics, honesty, trust and dedication. PB&A aspires to become the ideal strategic ally for industrial global projects. We seek to surpass the established limits and to discover what exists after what we already known. In this way, we challenge the future and we are always on the move. We are excited to know what is beyond. We are ready to provide the world with quality industrial products and services, with professionalism, responsibility and commitment, becoming the means that our clients need to reach their goals and thus cause a new evolution on the planet.


To be the fundamental pillar of the implementation of a new human consciousness, in which science, automation, work with dedication, team growth and constant reinvention make up the perspective of a visionary and more advanced civilization, in which "impossible" is just a word...

Parte de nuestro staff

We want to make the world a bigger place


Innovation is our nature


“A country that evolves


“There are no limits for the ones that believe in themselves


We are excited for the challenge

Maria de la Paz

We make things happen


We believe in our job


We want to be everywhere


“Happiness spreads”


“The future is waiting for us”


“We project ourselves to the future”

María Paula

“We want to be everywhere“


“We build a better life”


“We build a better world”


“We are discontented because we want to be better”


"We always want more"


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